Animal portraits

Grace's First Swim

Grace’s First Swim

There are a few things I have learned about photographing animals in action. First, shoot many times more photos than you think you will need in order to get a really good shot. They move fast, fall in and out of focus and their expression changes in an instant. With digital this has become a lot easier … no film to waste, just delete any really bad shots after downloading the photos. Don’t bother to edit in camera – just use CF cards with enough memory for your shooting needs. I have a fast motor drive on the EOS 7D which makes it easy.

Get in close whether physically or using a lens. This will depend on the animals. If they are playing well and uninhibited, you can get in there with a wide angle. If you don’t want to interfere or disturb their play, use a longer lens.

Clicking on the photo will bring you to some other fun swimming and doggy snow play shots in the Flickr set.

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