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Samoëns ChaletChamonix Sud StudioServoz Designer ChaletServoz Designer Chalet Rue Lyret ApartmentSt Gervais Chalet Les Saisies - Les Melezes 1Samoëns ChaletSainte Foy ChaletChamonix HouseChamonix HouseLes Saisies - Les Melezes 1Les Saisies - Les Melezes 120140621-_H1B1393 Copyright © Genyphyr Novak_.jpg20140612-_H1B9512 Copyright © Genyphyr Novak_.jpg  Samoëns FarmhouseSamoëns FarmhouseAirBnBSamoëns FarmhouseAirBnBAirBnBAirBnB20140907-GEN_2115_Copyright_Genyphyr_Novak_.jpgThe North Face Ultra Trail TDSDomancy HouseDomancy HouseDomancy HouseSamoëns ChaletSamoëns B%26BSamoëns B%26BDomancy MazotLac des Gaillands ApartmentLes Saisies - Les Melezes 1Sainte Foy ChaletSt Foy Chalet ApartmentSainte Foy ChaletArgentiere Chalet ApartmentLes Contamines ChaletVerchaix ChaletServoz Designer ChaletServoz Designer ChaletServoz Designer ChaletServoz Designer ChaletServoz Designer ChaletSt Gervais Chalet St Gervais Chalet Style ApartmentChamonix Kitchen20140613-_H1B9621 Copyright © Genyphyr Novak_.jpg20140612-_H1B9443 Copyright © Genyphyr Novak_.jpg20140612-_H1B9542 Copyright © Genyphyr Novak_.jpgPassy Luxury ChaletPassy Luxury ChaletSt Gervais HotelMegeve ApartmentMegeve ApartmentTrelechamps ChaletTrelechamps ChaletTrelechamps ChaletTrelechamps ChaletLes Houches ChaletLes Houches ChaletEntreves ChaletLes Granges Chalet
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A portfolio of my latest property photography can be seen here (and the new portfolio site sometimes loads faster too).

Rates for my property photography are here.

Property and architectural photos of interiors (living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, common areas) and exteriors as well as lifestyle detail shots. These photos feature homes, chalets and apartments, usually used as holiday rental accommodations. These example photos of vacation rentals show both interior and exterior shots that have been used for websites and real estate (immobilier) advertising.

From luxury chalets and apartments to simple cheap and cheerful holiday rental flats, your website listings and other advertisement media will be more appealing to potential guests, renters or buyers if you use quality professional photos.

Marketing studies have shown that holiday rental accommodations will obtain up to three times more enquiries if good quality photographs are featured on the website compared to properties with poor quality phone shots or properties which do not have “enough” photos. The rental market today is competitive, and holiday makers rely more and more on online services and advertising to decide what property to rent.

The photos I take will present the property in its’ best light, and will give the potential guest, renter or buyer a good idea of the atmosphere and appealing points of your rental property. I can also assist you in the wording of your ad, check the ability of search engines to find your website and review your English translation from French for the same property (or visa versa).

I have photographed hundreds of homes for private parties and companies.