Editorial, Documentary and Stock Photography

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Some of my favourite photography work is covering live and fast moving news or sports events in photojournalist style. I first entered the profession of photography as a photojournalist, and spent 12 years working in Chicago for various weekly newspapers and magazines covering arts, culture and political events. I am currently a contributor to Alamy Images both for stock photography and their news service. I also have many clients who simply hire me to cover their sports event, cover them individually as an athlete, or who want to have that non-posed  “photojournalist style” coverage of their corporate event or outing.

I started out way back when in the days of film with my trusty tank of a camera – the classic Canon F1, then a  Canon F1-N and an EOS 1N. Back then I used mainly black and white film and occasionally colour slides,  developing the images into silver prints in my home dark room. I often lived in dodgy Chicago neighbourhoods just so I could afford an apartment with the requisite extra bedroom !

I now shoot with a Canon EOS 5D Mark III, using a Canon EOS 7D MkII as a backup. I use only Canon “L” series lenses. I currently organise and develop my RAW files in Adobe Lightroom and if required, I adjust them further in Adobe Photoshop. My darkroom is now my trusty Macbook Pro, which takes up much less space !