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These are a few samples of my wedding photography taken in and around Chamonix Mont Blanc, St Gervais Les Bains, Megève and Morzine France. I am available to shoot weddings, engagement portraits, commitment ceremonies and post-wedding “trash the dress” sessions. I love photographing weddings and capturing the happiest, most interesting, surprising and authentic moments of your day, giving you great images to look back on for your family and future generations !

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For prices, please see the page of wedding photography packages and my wedding photography rates. Or just drop me a line telling me what you would like and I’ll get back to you toute de suite !


Genyphyr Novak at Alps Photo often works together with Charlie Davies Photography to cover larger weddings.

I use a mostly photo-journalistic style to capture those unguarded and authentic moments.  I work quietly but attentively around the marriage ceremony and the reception. For group photos and couples portraits, I find it best to become a bit more involved to arrange the photos or suggest poses, always with a mind to letting your own personalities shine through. Fun or serious, romantic and playful – capturing your big day in its’ best light and in a way that fits your personalities is my goal and my pleasure.

Different tariffs are available depending on the amount of coverage of your day you would like but all of them include meeting with you ahead of time to go over the types of photos you want to see when you view your day later. All weddings include a DVD containing the edited and developed wedding photos, provided as high quality .jpg files, as well as access to your photos on line to share with family and friends. The on line gallery will be available for at least 4 months after your wedding, and allows you to order photos directly from a top quality photo lab in a variety of formats including posters, on canvas or aluminium.

All photos given to you are adjusted for correct exposure and retouched or artistically cropped where necessary. Certain photos may be treated with photo effects or presented in black and white where appropriate, which can give them a more timeless quality. The original colour image is always available in case you prefer to see that (I use a non-destructive editing process which never overwrites the original image).

All photos are shot using high quality professional cameras and lenses. I use Canon professional equipment including only their highest quality “L” series lenses. I always bring 2 camera bodies and backup flashes to the events to lessen the risk of equipment failure impacting your images.