Property and Business Photography – All About Your Shoot

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Pricing for these services is listed separately. If none of these meet your needs, just ask.

Pre-Session Consultation

We will discuss your needs out of the session, what style you are after and get further details about your business and/or property.

We will together decide on a date and time (which may be weather-dependent) and discuss any details such as if models or employees are to be in the photos. If the weather forecast changes suddenly for the worse, we can usually alter our shooting date.

On Site Wrangling

On the day of the photo shoot I will do my best to let you know if there are any awkward items to re-arrange so that the property looks it’s best. However all decorations, bed and bath linens, candles, log fires etc. must be provided by you.

I will always aim to shoot your business in the most flattering light. In this endeavour, I may ask to temporarily re-arrange items in rooms so they look better in the photo without changing the basic integrity (truthfulness) of the image. For example, moving furniture out of the foreground for a clear shot of a background.

I can take also shots of you or your employees while at work (guiding, teaching, massage, hotel staff, chef-ing etc.) in an unobtrusive way and usually can do this without an intrusive flash or with minimal (fill) flash.

Admin and Legal Notes

Presentation of the Property or Business and Models

I cannot be held responsible for a property which is not ready at the scheduled shoot time. If we go over the allotted time due to the property not being ready when I arrive, you will be responsible to pay for the extra time required to complete the photo shoot.

Normally it is best on a long shoot in a large property to have one or more people available to assist in “dressing” the property and to catch any last minute glitches such as light bulbs being out or needing an extension cable for a lamp.

My standard fee does not include decoration tasks as making the beds, ironing linens, setting a table, flowers, providing food for the table presentation, providing clothing or make-up for models (except in where noted in the quote previously) etc..

Original Image Storage

Your entire photo session is stored by Alps Photo on at least 2 physically separate hard drives, enabling you to order additional photos at a later date, or to receive back up copies of your photos in case of data loss on your side. The files are stored in RAW format which allows me to export any size .jpg file you require. I do not delete photos from hard drives intentionally (ever). You agree in accepting my services, that I cannot be held liable for data loss due to unforeseen event (both hard drives failing simultaneously, fire, theft etc.).

If the entire shoot is lost due to unforeseeable technical issues before you receive your initial package photos, a re-shoot will be rescheduled without further photography fee, or you can choose a refund of the session fee and you shall agree to release me from any and all legal damage liability claims.

Copyright Retention and Original Use

Operating under French copyright law, your purchase will guarantee you and your business an unlimited personal and your business/promotional use of the photos from the session you have booked for 5 years. (This term can be renewable, but after 5 years it is probably time to refresh your photos anyway !!) I will retain the copyright and therefore rights to use any photos on my own website purely for self-promotional purposes (ie in my portfolio). I must seek your written permission and obtain a property/model release if desiring to use my photos of your property or of any models in the photos for any additional commercial purpose (stock photography, calendars, magazine etc. – any other re-sale).

Retention of rights and original use. As the author of the photos under copyright law, I do retain the copyright to the photos and your rights to use the photo are for your own personal use or for the business purpose as defined when the photo was created.

Simply put, you may not resell any of my images onwards for other commercial use such as (but not limited to) calendars, stock photography, advertising sites, other businesses’ websites etc. or to resell them any use for which you or the other party will receive a fee.