Property Photography Rates

Good property photography will boost your property rentals and accommodation enquires. Property photography is often tax deductible as a marketing cost depending upon your tax structure. 

Marketing studies show properties with attractive photos get three times the rental enquiries of similar properties with low quality images. Property photography is an investment you recover with just one extra booking and gives a boost to your site for several years. 

The prices reflect the time to perform the photo shoot and also the time (usually twice the length of the photo shoot) it takes to edit your final photos in a professional photo software and upload them for delivery.

Travel in the Chamonix valley is included. Kilometres outside of this zone are charged at the standard accounting rate for the year and will be quoted ahead of time. 

Property Photography Packages

Apartments and Small businesses.

At these prices, you can forget the iPhone photos of your apartment in your online adverts – they do not do it justice !

  • €80 for a studio up to 40m2.
  • €100 for a 1BR apartment up to 60m2.
  • €125 for a 2BR apartment up to 80m2.
  • This price includes post production expert photo editing and development after the shoot, resulting in 1-3 beautiful shots of each room shoot in your property and the building exterior (if applicable) as well as a few “lifestyle” still life detail image (if appropriate) !
  • Photos are delivered to you for download via this website at an appropriate resolution for your website needs.

Half Board Chalet or Restaurant.

  • €175. A Selection of 15-25 edited final chalet or business promotional shots taken in a half day shoot of a medium large property. Up to 3 hours of shooting.
  • The shoot is normally best started early AM or mid-afternoon, depending upon light conditions at the property and time of year.
  • 3-4 bedroom medium sized chalets can generally be shot in this time, depending number of common spaces, bathrooms etc.

Full Board Chalet or Hotel.

  • €350. A selection of up to 50 edited final chalet or business promotional shots in a shoot of a large property or properties. Up to 6 hours of property shooting.
  • This can be timed to include either early morning “before dawn” or evening “mood” images when the chalet is darker, in addition to the standard daylight room and exterior photos.
  • 5+ bedrooms and properties with “two apartments in one chalet” or with many common areas and features such as pools, saunas, spas etc. fit into this package.
  • Clients who like to try many different “looks” of dressing the rooms, posing “guests” in the shots, etc. will also do best with this package.

Other Possibilities …

  • Other services can be quoted based on the above pricing structure to suit your own needs ! Just ask.

Please Note.

  • Property photography extra hours – €80/hr
  • I can not change rainy days to sunny ones, change a shady corner to daylight, or photo shop out ugly furniture in your home. I cannot erase knife-like contrasty sun beams cutting through the furniture in a room. The time of year and time of day you choose to shoot the property makes a large difference in the outcome of your shoot. Please take the time to view your property at different times of the day and note when an even and pleasing light is in the rooms.
  • My photography style is natural and honest. Guests are more likely to be satisfied with their booking if the property is presented in an honest fashion without heavily Photoshopped elements. For this reason I do not paste in “views” to your windows or “shows” on your TV sets as some industry photographers do. I  find that look rather tacky.



Once I have your request, you will receive a quote.

Note: A fuel charge may apply for sessions requiring more than 30km of travel from my base in Chamonix. I do not require reimbursement for mountain lift access to outdoor sites covered by the Chamonix valley lift pass.

If you accept my quote, you retain my services with a 50% deposit to guarantee the date will be held in my calendar for any dates more than a 2 weeks away.

If inclement weather forces cancellation of the shoot a reschedule date will be arranged on a mutually agreed date. If you must cancel completely your request for my services less than two weeks before the date of the shoot, you will forfeit the booking fee.

A Preview

For photography services of a half day or more, after the shoot, you will receive a preview set to an on line gallery of the unedited photo shoot to choose your desired final promo shots. I will edit the shoot to remove any shots that are technically not usable or which are entirely unflattering.

This gallery will contain watermarks over the photos to protect the photos from unauthorized use and will contain only low-res copies of the photos. Photos will not be fully edited for final delivery, but basic light correction and exposure corrections to allow you to select the compositions you prefer.

Because the originals are stored in RAW format and originals are never altered, the edited photo style (black and white, lighter or darker) can be normally changed upon your request once the final photos are chosen within reasonable technical limits.


For shorter shoots, you will receive the edited photos within 1-2 weeks of your payment, via a link to an online gallery for your download.

For photography services of a half day or more, for each shot you choose from the preview gallery, you will receive a fully edited .jpg image suitable for your commercial use based on your needs (hi-res, low-res or both). It is possible to export the photos at more than one resolution if required. The final photo swill be delivered to you within 1-2 weeks of your final payment.

I retain and back up all the original RAW files on my servers should you ever need a additional copies of your picks exported in future (normally this is at no charge unless you want re-editing).

The number of shots you will be entitled to choose for the session fee will depend upon the initial package chosen.  Additional shots can always be purchased as add-ons to your package.

The Fine Print

Presentation of the Property and Models

I will do my best to advise you ahead of time of what you can do to make your property presentable, and to request how the models (if used) should dress for the best photogenic presentation.

I will work with you to advise you about creating atmosphere while on site and to catch awkward bits and pieces left in the property at the time of shooting (putting away or moving cleaning products, mops and buckets etc.).

However, ultimately you are responsible for the property’s presentation for photography.

My fee does not include such tasks as making the beds, ironing linens, finding your dishes and setting a table, providing food for the shoot, providing clothing or make-up for models (except where noted in the quote and previously agreed), moving furniture etc.. Normally it is a good idea on a long shoot to have one or more people available to assist in “dressing” the property and to catch any last minute glitches. These can be you, your team or I can contract a set designer.

I cannot be held responsible for a property which is not ready at the schedule shoot time.

For example, if during our shoot you change your mind about how to dress the property and ask for re-shoots of rooms already presented as ready for shooting, so that our shoot goes over the allotted time, you will be responsible for paying the extra hours required.

Photo Session Storage

Your entire photo session is stored by Alps Photo on at least 2 physically separate hard drives, enabling you to order additional photos (for a fee) at a later date, or to receive back up copies of your photos in case of data loss on your side. I do not delete photos from hard drives intentionally (ever), however I cannot be held liable for data loss due to unforeseen event (both hard drives failing simultaneously, fire, theft etc.). If the entire shoot is lost due to unforeseeable technical issues before you receive your initial package photos, a re-shoot will be rescheduled without further photography fee or you can choose a refund of the session fee and you shall agree to release me from any and all legal damage liability claims.

Copyright Retention and Original Use

Operating under French copyright law, your purchase will guarantee you and your business an unlimited personal and your business/promotional use of the photos from the session you have booked for 5 years. (This term can be renewable, but after 5 years it is probably time to refresh your photos anyway !!) I will retain the copyright and therefore rights to use any photos on my own website purely for self-promotional purposes (ie in my portfolio). I must seek your written permission and obtain a property/model release if desiring to use my photos of your property or of any models in the photos for any additional commercial purpose (stock photography, calendars, magazine etc. – any other re-sale).

Retention of rights and original use. As the author of the photos under copyright law, I do retain the copyright to the photos and your rights to use the photo are for your own personal use or for the business purpose as defined when the photo was created.

Simply put, you may not resell any of my images onwards for other commercial use such as (but not limited to) calendars, stock photography, advertising sites, other businesses’ websites etc. or to resell them any use for which you or the other party will receive a fee.