Fun in the Sun

OK so this year has indeed been the rainiest in the Alps (in recorded history, according to recent news articles) – but on one of the few sunny days, I was lucky enough to have scheduled a photo shoot with Alison Culshaw’s Gold Expeditions in the Italian Alps. I followed a group after their D of E Gold level award while they hiked the last day of their trek around Mont Blanc.
Leaving my house in a rush at 6:05am (my alarm was meant to go off at 5am, and it didn’t — I popped awake at 6am, thankfully I’d packed the night before !) I headed through the Tunnel du Mont Blanc, dropping off my car at Dolonnes and met Alison who drove me to the barrier at Lac Combal (Lago di Combal). I power hiked the hills and ran the flat bits (OK, jogged as I had my camera gear on my back) to the Elisabetta hut, where I met 2 groups heading down. We walked together to the lift down to Courmayeur.

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