About Alps Photo

I love to photograph events, athletes (I choose to promote strong female athletes whenever I am able), alternative music, great art, interesting people and places. I fell in love with Chamonix and the Alps while on a rock climbing holiday in 2000. I moved here a year later in 2001.

I shoot with quality Canon digital photo equipment (more about that in my post here) and am a member of Canon Professional Services.

I am French-registered as a Travailleur Independant (free lance) and am also TVA registered with a valid SIRET.

My background is varied. I lived in several large US cities and graduated university from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago where I concentrated in photography. I spent the next 12 years working as a photo journalist and studio photographer before moving to France in 2001.

As a journalist, I worked on assignments for several weekly newspapers and magazines, covered all kinds of events both for the newspapers and for private work. I have shot many kinds of subjects ranging from political rallies and demonstrations to rodeos, wolf packs and  weddings, morgues and prisons, mayors and presidents, documentaries on modern slavery in the sugar industry, racism in the city and professional portraiture for chefs, bands, politicians and models. I also spent a lot of time shooting the Chicago club and alternative music scene.

I have always practised sports such as horse riding and running. At some point while in Chicago I took up rock climbing and that eventually compelled me to move permanently into the mountains, where I discovered skiing and mountain ultra marathons. I love animals and live with several dogs and cats. I chose to live in Chamonix because of the freedom offered for sports activities in the Alps, and my love of France and the Savoyarde alpine culture.

I sometimes take on pro-bono work if the subject is one that I love. If you have an upcoming event that you think is exciting and different or if you are an athlete or aspiring model and want photos for sponsorship or a portfolio or would like someone to professionally document your next adventure – contact me to discuss. Trading for services is often a possibility.

When covering your event, I’ll keep your deadlines and goal images in mind and focus on what it takes to produce the photos that everyone will be happy to see.


summer 2013

2013, summer