Parisian Summer

I spent the summer of 2013 working in Paris – a place I only visited previously. I was a city girl in my 20s and then moved to the Alps. Sometimes I do miss the city “feel and smell” (urine mostly in the case of the Métro, ha ha). But though Paris is gorgeous I can still feel the call of the mountains while I am there, and was happy each weekend I headed back to the Alps.

However, my French has improved tremendously working now on a completely French team and well … where else can you go home for lunch and watch a documentary on Jacques Brel and feel you could go out that night and find the club in the film (probably still intact) ?

I have still managed some shooting in the Alps – many interiors and hiking photos on the weekends I have been back. And I have been using Paris to brush up on my old street shooting skills from the Chicago days.

There are some Paris summer photos now posted on Flickr.


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